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There is a way to go back to origins of the Philippino martial arts  for all Eskrima enthusiast now: the „Back to the Roots“ initiative. We have compiled the essence of the art into four different modules that are available as intensive courses.

If you want to discover the uniques flavour of the styles that our modern multi style DPI Eskrima system is made of „Back to the Roots“ is your way to do it. Each of our four modules is divided in four courses that are represented by corrosponding belts.


Course 1 basic yellow belt
orange belt
Course 2 intermediate 1 green belt
blue belt
Course 3 intermediate 2 purple belt
brown belt
Course 4 master black belt


All of the modules are designed to add the expert‘s touch to your all-style eskrima, especially in the DPI Eskrima system. Our system can mainly be traced back to four major sources:


1.DPI  San Miguel Eskrima

Long and middle range Eskrima is the trademark of this elegant old style. It favours mainly Espada y Daga (sword and dagger) and Double Olisi (double stick) fighting. Characteristic are the deep and wide stances

2.DPI Dalanguetenhong Eskrima

The small town of Dalaguete outside Cebu City has been the birthplace of this aggresive Eskrimastyle. Vincente „Inting“ Carin is a well known representative of this fighting art. Complex combinations put into a traditional teaching concept is the basis of this syle.

3.DPI  Balintawak Eskrima

The center of this Eskrima concept is close quarter linear-style stick fighting. Originally created by Anciong Bacon after leaving the Doce Pares group this style nowadays has many different schools world wide.

4.DPI Pangamut (FMA Boxing and Combat Judo)

Philippino „Dirty“ Boxing has become the insider game of movie stars and film makers. Empty hands Eskrima is a very effective form of self defense as well as an ideal companion to the weapons centered „normal“ Eskrima.



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