DPI Eskrima Spring Seminar 2023

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Merry X-mas

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A few impressions from this year’s last seminar

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Throwing technique

Controlling and takedown after disarming the attacker
Belt testing after the seminar

Eskrima Seminar in November

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DPI Summer Seminar 2022

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For details in English please contact me…

New DPI Eskrima Instructor

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Dennis Müllner is the latest addition to our DPI Eskrima instructor team. At the moment Dennis is still serving in the German military. He plans, however, to start his own group after having successfully completed his tour in April 2023. Welcome to the team Dennis!

2022 Instructor Courses

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For details contact me under: dpi.eskrima@gmail.com

Training, seminars and courses 2022

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We have started our Eskrima activities again and are gradually returning to a pre-Corona state. However, there will be changes in some of our strucural elements e.g. our instructor courses. For details please contact me directly. The next seminar will probably take place this summer in Schwäbisch Hall, please check for details at a later time…

Christmas 2021…

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New Improved Structure of our Instructor System

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Our new improved system for instructor courses in DPI Eskrima refines the existing system by showing the skill level and dedication of the individual instructor. It is also meant to serve as a incentive to work harder on your Eskrima knowledge. The new system helps not only the students but also the organization itself to understand the role and capabilities of our intructors.

We introduce three different levels:

I. Junior Instructor: Instructors with basic knowledge and skills, i.e. yellow belt to blue belt 1.

II. Full Instructor: Instructors with profound knowledge and skills, i.e. blue belt 2 to brown belt 3.

III. Senior Full Instructor: Instructors with expert knowledge and skills, i.e. black belt 1 and above.


A list of our current instructor team (as of August 2021):

Junior Instructors:


Rüdiger Gross

Andreas Jansch

Anita Schneider

Full Instructors:


Manfred Weng

Christian Schneider

Oliver Wrulich

Senior Full Instructors:


Fabio Aniello


Head Instructor and Dean of Instructors:


Karsten Kalweit

Martin Walter