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DPI Eskrima is a Doce Pares based system that uniquely combines all the compatible styles of the original Doce Pares society of the 1930s. Due to difficulties amongst the masters, the original Doce Pares style  was divided into several individual systems like San Miguel Eskrima, Balintawak or Dalaguetenhong Eskrima. The DPI system was put  together by  its founder Karsten Kalweit, who has studied with some of the best-known Eskrima masters in Cebu to recreate the original style.

DPI Eskrima is a complete, logically apt system, that allows its members and students to individually create a  martial art perfectly suited for themselves, while staying within the boundaries of a shared idea – the DPI system. Direct contact and cooperation with the Cebu masters guarantees quality and up-to-dateness. Naturally all DPI belt ranks are accepted in the Philippines.

DPI Eskrima is an all-round style, that uses a wide variety of weapons, including Solo Olisi (single stick), Doble Olisi (double stick), Espada y Daga (sword and dagger), Baraw (knife) and Mano-Mano (empty hands) . It incorporates fighting concepts and strategy in all distances: Corto (short range), Media (middle range) and Larga Mano (long range).


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