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Certified DPI Eskrima Instructor Courses


Requirements  and previous knowledge


There are no requirements as far as previous knowlege in Eskrima or other martial arts are concerned. It is, however, always helpful to have prior experience with martial arts in general  and specifically weapons training.

I reserve the right to reject applicants, e.g. for having criminal records or the like.


Training Goals


The DPI Eskrima instructor course is tailored to give you the basics of the system in a minimum of time with a maximum of efficiency in the learning experience. Unlike the usual weekly training the instructor course provides you with the full background and the details of each principle, technique or strategy in order to create a web of knowlege between each of the elements.

The instructor course ends with two examinations: one for the instructor diploma and the other for your individual belt rank (usually orange belt, depending on your individual background and knowledge). After having successfully participated in the instructor course the new DPI instructors are expected to form their own group i.e. chapter and start teaching DPI Eskrima on their own.

We offer two seminars annually to insure a continued quality standard in our instructors, including an opportunity for further belt examinations. One of these seminar is mandatory to retain the instructor status (if that is not possible due to the individual’s schedule, it is also possible to take private lessons instead).  In addition to that I am always available for group seminars and private training.

Fees and Modus Operandi


The fee for the instructor course is 450 Euro for 12 hours of training. These can be individually scheduled (usually three four-hour blocks)  and a location for training can be determined.

There are no further costs to keep your instructor status! All members pay an annual fee of only 15 Euros to cover the expenses of the organization!

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