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2022 Instructor Courses

Posted: 25th März 2022 by admin in Uncategorized

For details contact me under:

Training, seminars and courses 2022

Posted: 21st Februar 2022 by admin in Uncategorized

We have started our Eskrima activities again and are gradually returning to a pre-Corona state. However, there will be changes in some of our strucural elements e.g. our instructor courses. For details please contact me directly. The next seminar will probably take place this summer in Schwäbisch Hall, please check for details at a later […]

Christmas 2021…

Posted: 23rd Dezember 2021 by admin in Uncategorized

New Improved Structure of our Instructor System

Posted: 16th August 2021 by admin in Uncategorized

    Our new improved system for instructor courses in DPI Eskrima refines the existing system by showing the skill level and dedication of the individual instructor. It is also meant to serve as a incentive to work harder on your Eskrima knowledge. The new system helps not only the students but also the organization […]

DPI Eskrima Seminar 2021

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New Look for the DPI Eskrima Homepage

Posted: 25th Mai 2021 by admin in Uncategorized

Finally our new DPI Eskrima Homepage is online. Even though we are mainly a German speaking organization we decided to keep the official site completely in English to smooth the appearance. However, other languages are of course welcome…!